Computational Evolution Group

The Computational Evolution Group is an interdisciplinary research group formed in 2008 that spans the Bioinformatics Institute, Department of Computer Science, Department of Statistics and School of Biological Sciences at the University of Auckland, New Zealand. We also have affiliate investigators in the Department of Psychology.

Our work can broadly be categorized as computational biology, evolution and molecular ecology. We all share an interest in developing software tools and probabilistic models for understanding evolution and molecular ecology from genes to genomes.

General research interests include:

  • Statistical models and algorithms for understanding biomolecular sequence evolution, structure and function
  • Coalescent-based population genetics
  • Phylodynamics and rapidly-evolving virus evolution and epidemiology
  • Evolutionary theory, complexity theory and their intersection
  • Phylogenetic and NGS approaches to community ecology
  • Human evolutionary history from genes to languages
  • Bioinformatics software

In the News

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